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Planning Resources

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This page is for planning of the event committe and full of all the resources and material we have made.

To date, the following pieces of the evet are:


  1. Green Job Fair & Trade Show
  2. Alternative Vehicle Fair
  3. Green Band in the UU
  4. Art in UU
  5. Art Installation by SCASLA
  6. Faculty Outreach
  7. Evening Stakeholders Dinner


Links to Material
Fundraising Packet.pdf

Posters for Focus the Nation
Banner 4x10.pdf
Banner Choose your Future.pdf
Global Warming Sucks Design 1.pdf
Global Warming Sucks Design 2.pdf


Focus Cal Poly - Deans Dinner.pdf
Focus Cal Poly - Provost.pdf
Cal Poly Institutional Endorsement
Academic Senate Resolution
Video Doc: It Takes a Little Heat
News Articles
The Vision

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