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Notes from July 22 Meeting

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years ago

Notes from meeting of Focus the Nation July 22 2007  547 Marsh St.

A.    present: chad, nancy, matt, Justin, ken smokoska, eric, steven marx

B.    1/31/08  hall reservation

1.    chumash auditorium still up in the air; we have it until 4 pm

2.    nancy will reserve spanos for after 4 in case we have to move

C.    fund raising

1.    tax id # needed for applications—contact chad to get it

2.    matt will draft letter

3.    post application prose on website

4.    possible sources

a)    home depot for prizes

b)    pg and e for money

c)    wind turbine company

d)    rrm

e)    usgbc

f)    apcd

5.    job fair/trade show—get businesses to make donation

6.    get contributions for t shirt logo

D.    Evening program schedule

1.    theme: importance of electing officials making climate change a central concern

2.    6:30-7:30—local elected officials panel

3.    7:30-7:45—plenary speaker 1--Lois Capps and or Jerry McNerny—

a)    he’s a Dem; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_McNerney and energy expert, but most likely will be occupied elsewhere.  Ken will contact him very soon.  
4.    7:45-7:50--transition

5.    7:50-8:30—Two cal poly political science professors—Republican and Democrat—to present and evaluate the presidential candidates positions on global warming

6.    8:30-9:00—plenary speaker 2 (Sam Blakeslee)  Steven will contact again to try to confirm

E.    Food–discussion of presentation of “local-organic” box lunches. 

F.    Other:

1.    provost’s reimbursement for Las Vegas travel to go to Empower account.  It’s club account # 76040

2.    other events for the week: poetry slam, religious approaches to climate change


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