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Minutes 5-4-07

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Current Updates:

  • Budget Status - No update on the budget from the provost yet.
  • Got Rooms Res. - UU 220 / Chumash
  • ASI Concert will be the Day After Focus the Nation- Try and find a band that is green oriented
  • Matt Emailed CCC / Democrats / Republicans



Faculty / Student Recruitment & Involvement

  • Start populating a google document of teachers on campus
  • List office hours / email etc
  • Ask them if they would like to host an event
  • Ask if they are coming to the event or are willing to send students
  • Create Wow Passports - students would get stamps based on events


  • Create a Faculty Committee to create a Planning Kit for students to give to prospective teachers
  • Packet would include different ways for students to receive credit for attending the event
  • By coming from the Faculty to the Faculty it will have a higher impact / respect associated with it
  • Need to make sure to contact Teachers before winter planning is set with Mid-Terms / Tests etc



Program - Hand Outs

  • Start creating a time line of events for the day
  • Open Program and start to fill it in
  • Try and print through the UGS
  • Neven Samara - graphic arts/communication major who might help us print/design programs



Big Speakers

  • No Reply from CAPs
  • Sam Blakeslee - setup meeting to discuss if he would come etc.
  • Mr. Durgan on campus - organized several other events and might know of potential speakers




  • Email Matt with interested companies
  • Jessie - Her father works in sustainable engineering / alumni / see if he wants to speak or come to the event. (LEED HVAC)
  • Job Fair type event - focus on how the job opportunities relate to GLOBAL WARMING
  • Sort of like the individual job fairs put on by specific colleges - See how CE or ARCHE plans this




Immediate Tasks to Work on

  • Start CalPoly Focus the Nation Facebook Site
  • Start the faculty List for each college / department
  • Try to reserve Dexter Lawn - SCASLA
  • Finish Logo - Create Board
  • Pick Long Term Goals that each person would like to be in charge of. Everyone will probably help on several, but one person needs to be the head of each one.




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